Jeremy Katz Music is the online presence for Jeremy Katz – a composer, musician, singer, and songwriter who plays numerous instruments, almost all self-taught.

In late 2017, prior to moving to California he worked and performed predominantly in the New York metropolitan area, where he ran his Youtube channel and music video business; recording, arranging, mixing and producing all recordings and videos in his home studio.

He has worked at Remote Control Productions /Bleeding Fingers, a film and television scoring company based in Santa Monica run by Hans Zimmer and Steve Kofsky for approximately two and a half years. He started at Remote as an intern before transferring in May of 2018 to Bleeding Fingers to become a Composer Assistant. At Bleeding Fingers he worked predominantly with two composers, handling all aspects of composing and production, including Composing and Mix Prep (conforming cues, exporting all audio files and building all ProTools sessions). He is proficient and composes using Cubase, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro X. His body of work at Bleeding Fingers included work on “The Simpsons”, and BBC Earth’s television documentaries “Primates” and “The Planets” and National Geographic’s “The Flood”.

Additionally, he has worked on a myriad of independent composing projects which are more detailed in the PROJECTS section above and on his IMDB PAGE. Included are composing the music for the short films “The Bright Side of Things”, “Super Swell Steve’s” and “Sabina”. In early 2020, Jeremy composed the music for “Bar Crawl,” a short film which won awards at multiple film festivals, including the Independent Shorts Awards-Los Angeles International Film Festival.

In addition to his independent film work and maintaining his position at Remote Control, Jeremy composes tracks for 2 independent full service music production libraries, Gramoscope Music and Arkival/Eternal Eclipse.

Ancillary to his composing skills, Jeremy possesses a powerful voice with a wide range and versatility, often providing producers and directors with vocals for the music he composes, if necessary, prior to full cast recording.

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